How Can You Style a Leather Shirt?

How Can You Style a Leather Shirt?

Looking for a leather shirt from the Glory Store? Most leather shirts are actually constructed from genuine leather. Each type of leather has distinctive characteristics that can vary from shirt to shirt. The type of leather is frequently determined by the design of the shirt because some leather types are ideal for particular shirt styles. For instance, the leather construction of an open-front and closed-front leather shirt may differ. Have a look at some of the various styles that you can try with leather shirts.

Saturday convenience

The best part about leather shirts is how comfortable they are, especially the ones with closed fronts. They look great and are really comfortable when worn with a pair of wool slacks and a pair of sneakers. Everything is awesome, from going grocery shopping to spending the weekend with friends at a coffee shop, with this kind of attire.

Business Casual

Many people are required to work in offices for the majority of their waking hours. The attire you choose to wear to work each day might quickly become very monotonous. Wear leather shirts to break up the monotony and add a touch of style to your business casual attire.


The leather-on-leather look can be achieved when you pair a leather shirt with either a coordinating or contrasting pair of leather pants. It might sound silly, but in practice it does not seem out of place. A straightforward open-fronted leather shirt, for instance, can be worn to the office by pairing it with a pair of black leather slacks and a tie in a complementary color. It is suggested that you go with a matte tie because everything else is sparkly. Check out the Glory Store if you are looking for a genuine-leather shirt.


An all-black ensemble made up of a slick black leather shirt, a plain black t-shirt, black pants, and a pair of black sneakers merits its own fan following. The stylish yet classy appearance of this outfit is difficult to find elsewhere.

Wearing all black could seem monotonous and that it would only be appropriate in certain situations, but this is not true. Black leather shirt designs alone offer a wide range of options, and the simplicity of the color makes it possible to wear this ensemble practically anywhere.

Shirt and jacket

A little-known fact about wearing leather shirts and jackets together is that you can, in some cases, layer them. Using a variety of textures is the key to making this work. For instance, a suede leather jacket is the perfect choice for you if your leather shirts has a shiny texture. However, as leather on leather can get reasonably warm, this layering is most appropriate for colder climates.

There are many different ways you may wear your leather shirts with coats. For a young and trendy look, layer a black suede jacket over a distressed leather shirts with a closed front and accessorize with a pair of bright blue jeans and white sneakers. As an alternative, you can opt for a stylish fusion of two distinct leather finishes. For instance, you can try wearing a brown suede jacket with a black leather shirts and navy-blue pants.