How to Style an Aviator Jacket

How to Style an Aviator Jacket

Style an aviator jacket however you like! From pairing it with casual pieces like jeans and a white tee, to going all out with tailored pants and boots - there are countless possibilities!

Aviator jackets have long been a style staple, exuding timeless appeal and rugged masculinity. Discover why these iconic jackets have found such widespread adoration from men everywhere.

Evolution from the Cockpit

The cockpit, or "flight deck," of an aircraft is where pilots control its operation. Depending on its type, it may accommodate one or multiple pilots.

Cockpits have undergone substantial transformation since aviation's early days. Much of this progress can be attributed to technological advances; for instance, improvements in electronic systems allow data conversion from analogue to digital format and display on cathode-ray tube (CRT) screens that adapt easily to highly variable lighting conditions typically found within aircraft cockpits.

Ergonomics and human factors also play a pivotal role in designing aircraft cockpits. For instance, cockpit display controls should optimize pilot instrument scanning patterns in order to increase situation awareness while decreasing information overload. Modern cockpit designs increasingly accommodate wider ranges of pilot sizes and abilities as a reflection of gender equality issues in aviation; moreover, FAA recently changed student pilot to learner pilot despite initial criticism over this move.


Pilot jackets have long been associated with piloting open-cockpit planes; however, this style has now become an iconic fashion statement, especially when made of premium leather. Perfect for adding an authentic vintage touch to any ensemble and can be worn both casually and formally alike, pilot jackets have become fashion essentials.

The Aviator Jacket, commonly referred to as a Bomber Jacket during World War II was first created by Leslie Irvin as protection during high altitude bombing raids in 1926; his company became one of the key suppliers to Royal Air Force during most of WWII.

Today, this timeless piece comes in various materials and designs, such as Khaite's shearling-lined version that has become a trend among both A-listers and street-style stars alike. Meanwhile, designers like Sacai have created variations that break with tradition yet maintain signature features of an aviator jacket such as fur collar and cuffs - the timeless piece will remain fashionable year after year!


Aviator jackets were created to be warm, comfortable, and versatile - staple items for anyone's wardrobe and can fit easily with various types of clothing styles. Their construction includes different materials; their interior lining often consists of shearling or quilted material which provides insulation. Furthermore, aviator jackets feature bright orange markings to help locate pilots should they become incapacitated during flight.

Modern aviator jackets are typically constructed of cotton and nylon fabric, making them much lighter than their sheepskin counterparts. These lightweight jackets also come equipped with ribbed cuffs and collars to trap in heat while offering protection from windy conditions with either snap or zipper closures for secure closure.

The Aviator Jacket's immense popularity can be attributed to its timeless design and rich history, which make it an emblematic piece. Wear it casually or dress it up for more formal events by pairing it with crisp shirt and khakis, or go all-out by pairing it with a suit.


Craftsmanship is a hallmark of excellence that derives from creating with passion, care, and an eye for detail. This can be seen through how meticulous Swiss watchmakers craft their watches; striving to produce something perfect for each customer while taking time to train craftsmen in this art.

The aviator jacket, more commonly referred to as the bomber jacket, has an extensive history and comes in numerous styles - making it the perfect casual piece of clothing. Although originally created for pilots, its popularity and style has since made its way into popular culture and fashion trends.

Leather aviator jackets provide added warmth for crew members flying at extremely high altitudes. Their ability to trap air-filled chambers provides insulation against cold environments and allows heat retention.

Mango's oversized aviator jacket is crafted from faux leather and features an elegant shearling collar with zipper detailing along the cuffs, for a biker-inspired design that would pair perfectly with jeans and cargo trousers. With its high neckline for warmth and stylish flair, as well as modern military details such as its zipper detailing on both arms cuffs. It makes an ideal addition to any wardrobe!

Fashion and Style

Like an investment It bag or pair of jeans, a great jacket is an item of clothing that never goes out of style. While it may be easy to fall in love with an oversized blazer or practical puffer jacket, the timeless classic aviator jacket has long been recognized for its timeless fashion value, thanks to modern adjustments and adaptations.

Aviator jackets were initially developed for pilots during the early half of the 20th century and feature a waist-length cut with button closures and elasticated cuffs and hems to keep wearers warm. Furthermore, many such jackets come lined with shearling to retain internal heat more effectively.

This year, designers such as Kenzo and Miu Miu have taken to embracing aviator jackets for autumn/winter 22 collections, giving rise to an increased presence on high street shelves as an integral component of outerwear wardrobes. Look out for faux shearling styles for added chic elements or choose timeless leather for classic styling options.

 As the fall season approaches, shearling-lined aviator jackets are back with a vengeance. Supermodels Irina Shayk and Hailey Bieber have both been spotted in shearling versions on the streets of Los Angeles, with searches for similar jackets across Lyst increasing by over 50% this year.

 Despite its military origins, the jacket is now an essential part of the fashion closet and looks just as cool on women as it does on men.long-term style!


As you can see, the aviator jacket stands out amongst a vast array of jackets due to its humble yet stylish origin and qualities. It is a timeless piece of outerwear that works in many situations from casual outings, to special events. No matter what style is most comfortable for you, an aviator jacket will take any look to a whole new level! And with these helpful tips on how to wear an aviator jacket for every event and occasion, why not give this timeless staple a go? You won't regret it!

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