Shearling Leather Jacket - Why are these so Popular and How to Choose the Best One?

The mere mention of the Shearling Leather Jacket can immediately warm the heart. There is something about this jacket with shearling collar which makes wearers look cool effortlessly. Anyone who wears a full on sheepskin coat appears to be a person who is confident and knows how to handle fashion. When you see someone wearing a sheepskin coat, the thought of Steve Buscemi in Fargo,

Marlon Brando in the 1954 flick On the Waterfront or James Dean in Giant or even Ryan Gosling in the movie Blade runner 2049 come to mind immediately. This kind of coat also has some subtle suggestion of menace courtesy Tom Hardy as supervillain Bane in the 2012 movie The Dark Knight Rises.
What is it about this sheepskin coat oblique jacket that makes it so popular with wearers of all generations?

Why are Shearling Leather Coats and Jackets So Popular?
The sheepskin coat is known more widely as Shearling. It is a type of coat constructed out of sheepskin – dressed and tanned with the wool kept ‘as is’ in the natural lining. The enduring appeal for this kind of coat is due to the fact that it few winter coats are actually as warm as this one, other than the very technical coats. A sheepskin coat or Shearling is quite warm in nature. It is also quite costly to buy, given that a lot goes into making it.

These are also quite fetching to look at. When you see a Shearling jacket, especially an Aviator Leather Jacket, “Sexy” is what you immediately think of. When made in a proper way, it has a commanding presence and very fetching style. One look at it can bring passersby to a halt and make them look on.

Shearling jackets are made of skin that is obtained from a lamb or sheep that has been sheared recently, and dressed and tanned with the wool kept as it is. The luxurious, fluffy material is favored frequently as accent or lining for denim jackets, parkas or moto jackets. You can also find it being used as the primary ingredient, with the exterior of the coat having the plush fabric.

All that comes at a big cost! This is because you have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars in order to buy genuine Shearling jacket of leather. Similar to Fur Leather Jacket, plenty of imitations of the Shearling exist on the market, referred to frequently as Sherpa.

However, warmth is only one of the advantages of the shearling coat or sheepskin. The style is the main selling factor for this jacket. This is also the reason why faux shearling jackets are quite popular today. The best instances of this jacket look similarly fetching in appearance.

Top Things to Consider While Buying Shearling Jackets
Before you spend money on buying this kind of a jacket, you need to consider the following important factors:

It is true that you cannot get such a jacket in a slim-fit form. It is a heavy outerwear that boasts of big collar or lapels and a chunky silhouette. When you wear the apparel, you can actually feel its weight on your body. If you generally purchase winter coats that are one size bigger to wear a sweater beneath, consider the way your legs would appear skinny before purchasing a Shearling. If you are stocky and short, choose a long overcoat and give cropped boxy jacket a miss.

Flight jackets have become the commonest shearling coat in the last few years, and have actually been overexposed. These are practical and masculine and easy to style down or up. Borg or Shearling truckers have a more casual style and look quite aesthetic. Shearling of longer styles includes overcoats and dusters, but the odd trench coat or shearling parka can be found as well. All of these feature some level of decadence, and the high price tag contributes to that feeling.

If you are concerned about cruelty to animals, and would like to make a more ethical choice, choose the vegan alternative of aviator jacket – the borg. Keep in mind, however, that you will be purchasing petroleum-based polyester that sheds microplastics and might not be as durable. The kind of option that you choose depends on your decision.

Tan-coloured shearling jacket is the commonest and most natural style that you can find today. However, it comes with connotations of Del Boy. For a flight jacket, Black can be an intelligent color option. But you should not undermine chocolate brown or green or navy at times. White sheepskin collar or contrast lining can make for a traditional choice. Many modern styles come with dyed lining, which ensures a tonal appearance.

When you consider these important factors, making a proper choice will be easier than you might think.