How to Spot a Genuine Leather Jacket?

How to Spot a Genuine Leather Jacket?

A genuine leather jacket is a type of leather jacket that is made using real leather. These jackets are expensive due to their high quality and durability. This kind of leather jacket is not just any old leather jacket; it is a piece of art.

Fake leather jackets are cheaper than genuine ones. However, they do not last long and cannot withstand heavy wear and tear. They may look good at first, but after some time, they start showing signs of wear and tear. Synthetic leather is durable and lasts longer than fake leather. However, synthetic leather does not have the same feel as genuine leather.

Top things to remember while trying to spot an authentic leather jacket

These are some important ways to distinguish between real and fake leather jackets.

  1. A genuine leather jacket should have a soft feel to it. If it feels hard, stiff, or rough, then it is not real leather.
  2. Leather jackets that are authentic should smell good. If they do not smell nice, then they are probably fake ones.
  3. Genuine leather jackets should have some sort of tag inside them.
  4. Authentic leather jackets should not look worn out. If they do, then they are probably fakes.
  5. Genuine leather jackets are usually black. Fake ones tend to be brownish-red.
  6. Genuine leather jackets have a lot of zippers and buttons. Fake ones tend to have fewer zippers and buttons.
  7. Authentic leather jackets often have metal rivets. Fake ones tend to use plastic rivets.
  8. Genuine leather jackets tend to be expensive. Fake ones are cheap. If you are being offered real leather jacket at a very low price, you have every reason to be suspicious.
  9. Genuine leather jackets always have leather patches. Fake ones may have vinyl patches.
  10. Authentic leather jackets usually have a lining. Fake ones may have no lining.
  11. Genuine leather jackets never wear out. Fake ones tend to get holes and tears over time.
  12. Genuine leather jackets do not fade. Fake ones tend to fade over time.
  13. Authentic leather jackets last forever. Fake ones tend to fall apart after a few years.
  14. Genuine leather jackets are not mass produced. Fake ones are mass produced.
  15. Real leather is a strong material. It is lightweight and breathable. It is ideal for those who want a casual jacket. The same cannot be said about fake leather.

Perfect, Versatile Jackets for Casual and Formal Wear

Authentic leather jackets are soft and warm, extremely comfortable to wear and also water-resistant to a certain extent. Therefore, these are perfect for people who live in cold climates. These are great for people who work outside and need a versatile jacket.

At the Glory Store, you can find genuine leather jackets from some of the world's finest manufacturers. These are made of premium fabrics, handcrafted to perfection and crafted to last as long as possible. These are comfortable on your body as casual wear or work wear and you will enjoy wearing the jacket for as long as these last.

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