Mens leather bomber jacket - 5 icons Who Popularized this outfit

Mens leather bomber jacket - 5 icons Who Popularized this outfit
The Bomber jacket was created for pilots and worn by them. It is also referred to as a flight jacket. Over the last hundred years, this kind of jacket has evolved into different styles and has now become a part of popular apparel and culture. This kind of outfit has become associated with the colleges and the military, but even in music culture, these have turned into a huge fashion staple, particularly in the Hip Hop genre.

Although there is a wide variation in the materials, silhouettes and colors used in waist cut jackets, the appearance remains iconic and classic. Here are 5 icons that popularized the men’s leather bomber jacket outfit, which can easily be availed from reputed stores out there online - such as the Glory Store.

Jimmy Stewart
The jacket was popularized by many stars in the 1940s and 1950s, and actor Jimmy Stewart was one of the notable personalities who were found to wear it. He wore it in the film “Night Passage” which released in the year 1957. It must be remembered that the star actually commanded a US Bomber squadron during the Second World War. Few can actually forget the craze for this jacket when they saw Jimmy wearing this outfit on the big screen.

James Dean
This handsome star also flaunted the men's leather jacket bomber jacket in the immortal movie “Rebel without a Cause”. Hollywood actually played a major part in the history and evolution of leather jackets. This movie the increased the trend of bomber leather jackets further and made it a part of the mainstream culture. Due to this adaptation of leather jackets by the Rebel stars of Hollywood, like James Dean, this kind of outfit begin to be associated with bad boys.

Tom Cruise
The handsome Hollywood star sported men’s leather bomber jacket in the movie “Top Gun” and in the recent years this jacket - cut out of army green nylon - has become popular again in the mainstream. Who can forget Cruise coming out of a plane wearing the green nylon army jacket and sporting shades, looking every bit of the style icon that he was supposed to be?

Kanye West
This eminent music star as well as designer has been wearing leather Bomber jacket for men for as long as one can remember. The one that he wears often is just like the kind that was sported by Tom Cruise in the Top Gun.

Justin Theroux
The star can be often found wearing a smart casual outfit comprising of the Bomber jacket, t-shirt and classic jeans. When it comes to leather bomber jackets for men, there is no death of male celebrities sporting this kind of apparel out in the open - whenever and wherever. Justin is one of the newer stars today to exhibit personal liking for this evergreen jacket, which has been a staple in the male wardrobe for many decades now. When it comes to high quality leather Bomber jackets for men, Glory store is one of the best online stores to opt for.