How can women spot genuine leather coats & jackets for themselves?

How can women spot genuine leather coats & jackets for themselves?

Leather jackets are the most popular type of leather clothing item. They are often worn by men and women alike, and they have been around since ancient times. These jackets are made out of cowhide and are extremely durable. They are commonly seen on people who work outside and want something that is comfortable and protective. Find out how women can spot genuine leather coats & jackets for themselves.

Buy from a reputed store

Reputed online stores such as the Glory Store only have genuine leather coats & jackets, made of real leather fabric and not some synthetic variety. Thus, when you purchase only from an authentic resource, you can be more or less assured of the genuineness of fabric quality. Genuine leather coats last longer than fake leather coats, and do not wear out over time. Fake leather coats tend wear out after a few years. Even if authentic ones get damaged, these can be repaired easily. Fake leather coats cannot be repaired without replacing the entire garment.

Look for a soft feel and smooth finish

Leather jackets should have a soft feel to them. If they are stiff or hard, then they are not real leather. Real leather coats should have a smooth finish. This is because real leather, often known as pure leather, is made by tanning rawhide and skin from various animals. Fake leather coats tend to have rough edges and seams.

Genuine leather coats and jackets include leather in them, be it actual animal skin or another type of leather. Although it is not close to the quality of top-grain or full-grain leather, it is made from genuine animal skin nevertheless.

Make sure it has a natural smell

Genuine leather coats should have a natural smell. Fake leather coats tend towards having a chemical smell. While faux leather feels cool smelling, real leather will feel warm. Faux leather does not smell like wood; only real leather does.

Check the lining

Genuine leather coats tend to have a lining, and are often lined with fur. Fake leather coats tend not to have lining and usually have faux fur only.

Look at the features

Genuine leather jackets should have a tag inside the collar. Fake leather jackets tend to have tags sewn onto the outside of the collar. Genuine leather coats have a long-lasting zipper closure sewn into them, may have pockets and often have buttons. Fake leather coats have zippers that are not as long-lasting (breaking or coming off in just a few days or weeks of wear), may or may not have pockets and always tend to have velcro closures.

Check the price tag

Genuine leather coats and jackets cost more than fake leather coats. Fake ones, on the other hand, are cheaper than the genuine varieties.

If you are looking to add a bit of style to your wardrobe, a leather jacket can be a great option. These are a great choice for fall and winter months. If you are looking forward to cooler weather, then a leather jacket can be a great choice.