What is Difference Between Sheepskin And Shearling

What is Difference Between Sheepskin And Shearling

Since they both come from the skin of a sheep or lamb, it is not wholly incorrect to refer to sheepskin and shearling interchangeably. These two names, however, do not necessarily have the same meaning.

How they are used and handled determines how these two types of leather differ. What you should know is as follows.

Sheepskin: What Does It Mean?

"sheepskin" typically refers to leather made from a sheep's skin. Its processing and tanning procedures are comparable to those used for other leather varieties like goat or cowhide.

Almost any leather product, including bags, shoes, and outerwear, is made from sheepskin leather. Because they are lightweight and have a soft, velvety feel, men's sheepskin coats are particularly well-liked.

Shearing: What Does It Mean?

A yearling lamb that has only had one shortening is referred to as a "shearling." This phrase refers to sheepskin leather that still has fur when discussing leather jackets and other leather goods.

The fur is on the inside, and the hide is on the exterior of men's shearling jackets and coats made of shearling leather. This increases the outside lifespan of the garment by giving them a tough and slightly weather-resistant exterior. Additionally, the interior fleece/fur is incredibly warm and soft.

Variation in Warmth

As toasty as it gets are shearling coats and jackets. The fur on the inside serves as an ideal insulator, and the tough outer blocks the cold breeze from reaching your body. Even in below-freezing temperatures, you stay warm because the jacket or coat traps most of your body heat.

On the other hand, sheepskin is similar to having a built-in thermostat. Depending on the weather, it automatically adjusts its warmth and heat retention. This makes it possible to wear sheepskin apparel without discomfort and overheating in warmer seasons like spring and early fall.

Shearling is the better choice in terms of retaining raw heat.

Differing Costs

Shearling of the highest caliber is considered a fur product, making it far more expensive than other kinds of leather. The prices of jackets, backpacks, shoes, and other shearling leather products remain higher. In contrast, sheepskin leather is significantly less expensive.

Real shearling is out of reach for most people due to its price. Some sheepskin leather jackets bridge this gap with synthetic fur lining that closely resembles real shearling fur in appearance and feel. These are far more durable than totally artificial shearling because they are made of genuine sheepskin leather (for more information, see our article on faux leather vs. real leather).

Last Words

Shearling is mostly categorized as sheepskin leather because it still has its original fur. Sheepskin refers to leather made from sheep hide. Shearling retains heat far better than sheepskin, which is also noticeably lighter and less expensive.