How to Style a Leather Jacket in 2023?

How to Style a Leather Jacket in 2023?

Although leather jackets have remained fashionable over the years, our approach to wearing them changes with the seasons. This sleek accessory, which is available in imitation or real leather, is a fashionable choice that will spice up both casual and more formal attire. This winter, surprising leather jacket silhouettes like long trenches, oversized bombers, and puffer styles have us especially giddy. Find out below how to wear a leather jacket stylishly in 2023.

1. Make a Tan Leather Trench Stand Out by Adding Black Accents.

Although we are accustomed to seeing black leather jackets, we have been smitten with the tan version. (Don't worry, you should still pair a lighter-colored coat with all of your black clothing.) One more styling advice? Try adding a soft texture, such as a cashmere beanie or even a canvas baseball cap, to balance out the Matrix-ness of a leather trench coat to make it look more approachable.

2. Pair skirts with big bomber styles

A miniskirt or dress worn with an oversized shirt, sweater, or jacket is classically stylish and softly sensual. Depending on how you dress your leather bomber jacket, the answer to the question "Am I going to look like I'm a character in Top Gun?" is no. Simply avoid the aviator sunglasses and stick to simple pieces in one color (black is always a good choice).

3. Style a leather jacket with sweatpants.

Although we just mentioned how much we adore the look of a larger jacket worn with a smaller skirt, we also enjoy dressing in total excess, especially when the weather is chilly. The weekend errands outfit of our dreams is a leather jacket over a sweatsuit, with some sneakers and a lovely bag.

4. Combine a cropped leather puffer with baggy pants.

The puffer jacket is a favorite winter clothing item. The classic for cold weather looks fantastic in leather, particularly in a cropped style. Wear it over a fitting turtleneck to make sure it steals the show and keep your proportions in check with a wide-leg trouser to balance out your figure (skinny jeans with a shorter jacket can sometimes make your torso look weirdly short).

5. Choose an edgier material with a sophisticated silhouette.

For a variety of reasons, we adore the ensemble above because it has an Audrey Hepburn sense. While leather is a naturally tough/edgy material, using it as a classy item like this svelte, button-filled jacket is so surprising and cool. You will appear as like you are seeking for the closest Chanel if you pair it with a loose-fitting pant, some loafers, and a mock neck jumper for a splash of color.

Avoid wearing leather motorcycle jackets that are very cropped for the time being.

Listen, we adore our short leather motorcycle just as much as everyone else, but it currently seems a touch stale (especially when worn with a busy print and moto boots). We advise taking a "less is more" stance while dressing a leather jacket in 2023.