Can shearling jackets be tailored?

Can shearling jackets be tailored?

Yes, shearling jackets can be tailored, but it requires special care and expertise due to the unique properties of shearling. When considering tailoring a shearling jacket, it's important to work with a professional tailor who has experience in handling shearling garments. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

  1. Alterations on the Leather Side: Tailoring a shearling jacket typically focuses on the leather side rather than the wool side. The leather can be altered to adjust the overall fit, such as taking in or letting out the sides, adjusting the sleeves' length, or modifying the jacket's length.

  2. Limited Alterations on the Wool Side: The wool side of a shearling jacket is more challenging to alter because it requires specialized techniques. It's generally recommended to avoid significant alterations that involve removing or altering the wool portion, as it can compromise the integrity and appearance of the jacket.

  3. Seek Professional Tailoring: Due to the unique nature of shearling, it is crucial to work with a professional tailor who is experienced in handling shearling garments. They will have the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge to make precise alterations while preserving the quality and aesthetics of the jacket.

  4. Plan Ahead: If you intend to have a shearling jacket tailored, it's advisable to plan ahead and communicate your requirements clearly with the tailor. They can assess the jacket's construction, discuss the alterations you desire, and provide guidance on what alterations are feasible.

  5. Potential Limitations: It's important to note that shearling jackets may have limitations when it comes to alterations. The specific design, construction, and condition of the jacket will influence what alterations can be made. It's always best to consult with a professional tailor who can assess the jacket and advise on the alterations that can be performed without compromising its overall structure and appearance.

Remember that shearling jackets are often considered an investment piece due to their durability and unique properties. It's essential to consider alterations carefully and ensure they enhance the leather jacket's fit and overall look while maintaining its integrity. Working with a skilled tailor can help you achieve the desired alterations while preserving the qualities that make shearling jackets special.