Why Do Women Love to Wear Leather Bomber Jacket?

Why Do Women Love to Wear Leather Bomber Jacket?

The bomber jacket is a classic piece of outerwear that has been around since the 1950's. Originally worn by pilots, the bomber jacket was designed to protect them from the cold weather while flying. Today, the bomber jacket is still worn by many people who enjoy the style and comfort. While it was traditionally worn by men, even women love to wear it. Find out why women love to wear leather bomber jacket?

Elastic Braid

Although every other leather jacket has braided elastic in the cuffs and waist, bomber jackets were the first to use this particular design element. Ribbed elastic has two benefits, the first of which is the grip it provides, which reduces cuff or waist wear and tear. The cuffs do not roll around the borders and the waist does not wrinkle because it has a stretch component. The second benefit is that - because the elastic clings to the skin, it helps with insulation and offers additional protection from chilly winds.

Excellent Fabric

Bomber jackets are made out of various fabrics including cotton, wool, polyester, nylon, and leather. The fabric that is chosen depends on what type of look is desired. A bomber jacket can have a casual, sporty, or business-casual vibe depending on the fabric.

Leather bomber jackets are durable, waterproof to some extent, warm and comfortable as well. Genuine leather jackets purchased from the Glory Store are known well for their longevity. But bomber-style coats are made in a way that increases their toughness. The use of ribbed elastic helps to preserve the leather. The grip of elastic keeps such a jacket from sagging and slumping as it ages.


There are several different styles of leather bomber jackets available on the market, including the overcoat, peacoat, trench coat, blazer, and parka. Each style has its own unique characteristics. The wide variety of styles means that every woman can find a bomber leather jacket that fits her individual fashion preferences.


Leather Bomber jackets come in a variety of colors including black, navy blue, brown, grey, tan, olive green, red, burgundy, and khaki. There are even some bombers that come in camouflage patterns, and these make women look as if they are a part of the defense forces of the country.

Available in various sizes

Bomber jackets made of leather can range in size from small to extra large. The length of the jacket should be long enough to cover the wearer's legs. The sleeves should be long enough to allow for movement.

Boasts of excellent features

Leather bomber jackets feature pockets, zippers, buttons, and snaps.

  • Pockets are great for storing items like keys, money, and phones.
  • Zippers are useful for opening and closing the jacket.
  • Buttons are helpful for fastening the jacket together.
  • Snaps are good for keeping the jacket closed securely.

Wonderful accessories available

Bomber jackets often come with accessories such as hoodies, scarves, hats, gloves, and beanies. These accessories are great for adding warmth and protection to the wearer.