What Should You Look For While Trying to Buy the Best Leather Jacket?

What Should You Look For While Trying to Buy the Best Leather Jacket?

The purchase of a leather jacket is nothing less than an investment for your wardrobe, and it should be a piece that should last for many years. So it is important that you choose wisely. These are some things should you look for while trying to find and buy the perfect leather jacket from the Glory Store.

Choose an evergreen style

You might like to choose a leather jacket that is clearly in vogue today, but it is worth considering simpler, classic styles. For most people, leather is a great purchase and they expect it to last for many years. And the problem with an older look is that it is getting too old and you may find that you lose attraction for it as soon as you fall in love with it.

So, if you are hoping for an investment, it is probably better to choose a classic leather jacket style that you never date and want to wear every year. Biker jacket, bomber jacket and air jacket are 3 styles that are considered classics. These never grow old.

Create one for self

You want the perfect leather jacket - of perfect color, shape, skin type and fit - right? In that case, you may want to invest in a custom-made jacket. Custom leather jackets are more expensive than readymade ones, but they can be customized exactly to your needs. And if you calculate the cost per wear over the years, in addition to the pleasure it will bring you, you can determine easily whether it will pay off or not.

Check the graininess of the leather

You also need to consider which leather type you want. These could be corrected leather, top-grain leather or full-grain leather. In pieces of full-grain leather, the whole leather used is in its natural state. That is, it has unchanged patterns, scars, and marks. This leather type is usually older and more expensive than just the highest quality leather available.

The top-grain leather is separated from the lower layers. This makes it thinner and more flexible. It is often used to make fashionable leather jackets.

Corrected leather, finally, is of the lowest quality and is processed to resemble leather of higher grade.

Think about sewing

The highest quality leather jackets have clean and smooth stitching. They are usually well stitched with a solid polyester yarn and the yarn can be the same all through - without any free ends. Some people love leather jackets which contain decorative stitching, as in case of bags.

Check the accessories

Many leather jackets have accessories, including patches, motifs, studs, loops, buckles, buttons and zippers. Some fittings, such as zippers and buttons, have a functional role, others are for decoration only.

When it comes to zippers, YKK and RiRi are well-known brands, and you can get zippers that are shiny, firmer and run smoothly up and down. Not only will these last for many years, but can also indicate that the other elements of the jacket are also of high quality.