Top 5 ways to wear a men's black leather jacket

Top 5 ways to wear a men's black leather jacket
The black leather jacket for men is a versatile and classic leather clothing item that you can buy from the grocery store. It is always on trend and never really goes out of fashion. It is a must-have in the wardrobe of men and can help you make a very bold fashion statement. Here are the top 5 ways to wear men's black leather jacket.

Keep it basic and modern
Flight leather jackets were created originally to be worn by pilots and come with shearing lining, to ensure proper warmth. These days, this type of jacket is owned by both pilots as well as laymen - which makes it fashionable as well as practical. These are a must-have for the winter season and you can look killer as well as feel comfortable while wearing them.

You must remember that you should not go overboard when it comes to the layering. Try to keep it basic as well as modern, with a light gauge knit and plain trousers.

Go for a Grunge look
You can pair a Biker Grunge jacket with Dr Martins or high top sneakers and Black ripped jeans. If you want to get a more street smart look, a pair of skate shoes can be perfect.

When it comes to the top, you can spot a band t-shirt or wear a black plain tee. Keep in mind, however, that you can always make a biker jacket look best when you pair it with darker colors, in order to preserve the rocker / grunge appearance.

Go for a luxurious appearance
Try to keep it basic. Try to wear a white or black tee, sporting a logo -so that it does not look very plain and wear a pair of slim fitting Black jeans.

If you want to make this more luxurious and stylish you can also add a zip-through hoodie beneath your jacket. Wear a pair of Converse shoes or any other Street style footwear of similar type.

In case you want to add some accessories, you can wear a cap for a pair of sunglasses to complete your look. You must remember that your black leather jacket can be the perfect addition to this kind of outfit and make the look more luxurious rather than understated.

Choose a preppy look
You can pair a white colored shirt with a pair of grey trousers and add a tie to dress up further. If you want to keep the style intact, Oxford shoes which can be very appropriate with this kind of look.

You can add some spice to your black leather jacket when you were matching black colored footwear, preferably in leather.

Make it functional and formal
If you do not want to always wear a suit to the workplace, you can try wearing a black leather jacket. Get the perfect formal look for office by pairing the jacket with some Derby shoes and chinos.

You can wear a turtleneck sweater with a vest at top and put your black leather jacket on top to complete the look. You can feel casual as well as comfortable at the workplace.