Mens Long Shearling Coat Buying Guide - Top Things to Consider

Mens Long Shearling Coat Buying Guide - Top Things to Consider
Are you planning to buy a long shearling coat for yourself? It can be quite tricky for you to purchase one if you have little idea about the quality, fit, color and fabric of the coat. Here is a buying guide that can help you out in choosing the perfect men's long shearling coat for your needs.

Look for the right fabric
The fabric that is used determines how long the coat would last for. Always choose wool, cashmere or natural fibers or you may also go for alpaca which is a more durable material. A coat composed with 100% wool can be the best option, given that it is warm, water resistant, not too expensive and is heavy in form.

Consider the length of the coat
If you're looking for an overcoat, it should traditionally fall under the name. However, if you are short in stature, it is always a good idea to opt for a slightly shorter or knee length overcoat. It can make your torso look longer and create the right height appearance for you. In case you are a taller man, choose a slightly longer overcoat or one that is of knee length. You can find some cropped coat versions out there, but it is important to remember that coats that are shorter in length might not be the right choice for extreme climatic conditions - as only half of your body will be covered by it.

Choose the right weight on the basis of the climate
Once you have picked the fabric, keep in mind that the fabric weight also plays an important factor. Always look for coats made of heavy fabric because they do not easily show the wrinkles and can manage to keep you warm in any case. For the winter of New York and places with a similar climate, it is better to go for a coat with a weight of 480 - 570 grams or 17 - 20 ounces.

Consider the sleeve length of your coat
The sleeves of your coat should be sufficiently long to cover the cufflinks of your shirt. But you should take in consideration care that it should not be too long to make you look like you are wearing some other person’s coat. As compared to traditional office suits, the cufflinks of shirts should not show from the button after you wear a long shearling coat. Your coat must reach all the way down and reach the base of the thumb as well as cover the entire jacket so that there is no entry of cold air to shake your body in the peak of cold.

Choose the right color
While black coats can make you look dapper, try to avoid this color if most of your office suits are in dark grey or black color. Otherwise, it can make you look very boring when everybody else out their sports the same color as you. You can go for some other color, such as light grey camel, beige or tan.

If you wear a dark suit, it can create some excellent color contrast and give you a more stunning style.