Men’s Leather Bomber Jacket - How to Wear It and How to Take Care of It?

Men’s leather bomber jacket is among the most practical and remarkable winter apparels. This is a trendy jacket which has been out there for almost a century now. The present generation of wearers has little idea how it came to be popular.

How Was Leather Bomber Jacket for Men Born?
The origins of this jacket can be traced back to the time of World War 1. During that time plane cockpits were not enclosed well. Leather was regarded as one of the most appropriate materials available for keeping pilots protected from the cold environment.

The fashion industry for men soon took notice of the rising popularity of this leather jacket. Soon enough, many designers started to come out with their own variants of this apparel. With the passing of years, many Hollywood stars started to wear this jacket making it more popular. The first bomber jackets had a lot of contribution in shaping the design of almost all the modern bomber jackets that are worn by the population in general today.

How to Take Care of Real Men's Bomber Jacket?
If you are seriously interested in keeping your real leather bomber jacket in a pristine condition, here are some important measures to take:

  • If you have a brand new jacket you need to apply stain protector and water to prevent serious damage to the fabric of your Bomber jacket.

  • If you wear it regularly, you have to clean it at least once per year. You should prepare a solution of mild soap and water. Get a damp cloth for wiping the fabric. After this, you have to use sponge soaked with clean water for rinsing the solution. Make use of a towel to pat the jacket dry and get rid of the excess amount of water.

  • Once this is done, you have to hang the jacket in a spot that is well ventilated, so as to have it air-dried. To prevent drying and cracking, you should apply a leather conditioner over the surface. Apply only enough to coat the jacket lightly. For the rest of the year, you can simply use a damp cloth and mild soap solution to clean the jacket surface.
How to Wear a Trendy Leather Jacket For Men In A Fashionable Way?
A genuine leather bomber jacket is undoubtedly a stylish and smart wardrobes staple. When you wear it you can make heads turn around no matter where you go. These are some styling tips you can follow to wear this apparel in a fashionable way and look great:

  • You can pair a versatile and stylish white Bomber jacket with blue jeans and a Z black shirt, to get a smart and classy look. It can be quite comfortable to wear this jacket for any occasion, due to its spread collar, long sleeves and attached mesh lining.

  • You can wear a men's leather bomber jacket to flaunt your modern biker look. It is a good idea to pair this smart leather jacket with distressed or ripped jeans, proper boots and a fitted t-shirt. This can be the perfect look for explorers and crazy riders out there.

  • Do you want to wear the jacket at home and rock that everyday lazy look? You can pair it with sweatpants and have a relaxing time watching your favorite TV show with a bowl of popcorn.

  • Men can look fetching and professional with a black Bomber jacket that is paired with a simple tee, slim-fit denim jeans and sneakers.

  • Do you want to wear it to the office and yet have a casual and cool look? You can match a cotton Bomber jacket with chinos or casual trousers and a simple t-shirt. If the temperature outside is quite cold you can wear this jacket with a very cool hat and sweatshirt to beat the dip in Fahrenheit and look like a million bucks.

  • You can wear the jacket up or down based on the design and style. Patches were stitched by Air Force pilots who used to wear Bomber jackets. Such kinds of patches, or similar ones, can be purchased separately. Some Bomber jackets have these sewn onto them already.

  • There are leather Bomber jackets that come with belt which let you adjust the apparel for a comfortable fit against your upper body. It can be especially useful if you take part in winter biking activities. If you want to get more warmth, you can also wear a leather vest beneath this jacket.

  • You can wear a Men’s leather bomber jacket even during the hot summer season. Buy a Bomber jacket that comes with air vents that allow proper air circulation. If you would love to wear a Bomber jacket all round the year, you may consider buying one that has a snap out or zip insulated lining. You can stay comfortable as well as look like a stud.