Leather Motorcycle Vest

Leather Motorcycle Vest 
A Motorcycle Vest Is Body Armor That Acts as A Shield for Motorcyclist While Riding

Leather motorcycle vest typically includes padding on spine and shoulder regions. It is a sleeveless garment piece shaped like a vest, though its design varies slightly from vest to vest.

Leather motorcycle vest has various designs in order to suit every bikers' taste accordingly. They include safety vests, textile vests, under vests, off-road vests, and leather vests. Motorcycle vests are mainly composed of leather, with a few made up of other materials.

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Why Is It Named A Leather Motorcycle Vest? 
Motorcyclists mainly use this leather vest to protect themselves against wind and cool weather; This is why it is termed as leather motorcycle vest. It provides perfect protection against injuries during falls and delivers warmth and comfort to riders, making it a suitable garment. 
This Traditional Leather Motorcycle Vest Is Decades Old, Which Offers Durability and Provides Bikers with A Thing They Can Rely on Roads.

Its composition's primary element is leather; a few motorcycle vests are made up of artificial fabrics like Cordura or Kevlar. Cordura fabric is used because of its durability and resistance to abrasions and tears. Kevlar, on the other hand, is heat resistant and has high strength. It is also used in making bulletproof vests. 
Leather, the primary element of its composition and is famous for its wide range of benefits. From being long-lasting and durable to provide special protection against wind while riding a bike, leather has always been the material of choice when it comes to motorcycle vests.

Lather also protects one from rain and snow falls in harshly cold climates. Even old-fashioned cowboys wore leather chaps and vests to protect themselves from abrasions and injuries during falls. 

Why Do Bikers Mostly Wear Leather Vests?
Originally, bikers started wearing leather vests for protection against unfavorable cold weather and injuries for areas like the spine, chest, and shoulders.
Leather vests help to prevent abrasions, grazes, and wounds. In fact, before bikers, Native Americans used to wear leather vests and jackets for the purpose of warmth and comfort.

Leather Has Been A Material of Choice for Decades, Especially in Winters. Ancient People Slowly and Gradually Discovered Its Uses, & Today, It Can Be Found in Every Person's Wardrobe.

Leather vests are also in the use of cowboys. Apart from that, bikers also wear leather vests to display some pattern or Color. During motorcycle races, members of the same team wear leather vests of the same design and Color, and in some cases, colored patches are displayed on the part of the vest, which helps in identifying the same squad members. This idea has been in practice since early times.

In Short, A Leather Motorcycle Vest Is an Essential Part of Bikers' Culture, As Are A Few Other Things Like Tattoos and Bandannas.
Whenever you see a group of bikers together, mostly you would see them in leather vests. A few sights might allow you to see them without these vests, but that is very rare.
The Leather Vest Is Like A Friend to The Motorcyclist. Through Thick and Thin Leather Accompanies A Biker
Leather Motorcycle Vest: Always There for Help Against Cold and Injuries.
So, a good motorcyclist knows the value of this precious item.

Cost of A Leather Motorcycle Vest
Leather motorcycle vests are very costly. A good leather vest can cost you a fortune. At least 800 to 1000 US dollars minimum should be kept in mind while buying a good quality, durable leather motorcycle vest because a good leather vest with functional airbags plays the role of life savior in times of serious injuries.

It can be considered a good investment because life is precious, and every penny spend on health is a profit. Every bit of protection that you get while riding a motorbike is worth the amount. 

Therefore, it is advised for a biker to buy the best quality leather vest and other protective equipment available in the market while riding to ensure proper safety measures. 

Motorcycle Vest: Part of Motorcycle Body Armor
Motorcycle body armor is motorcycle safety gear that protects you against mild and grievous injuries, if not death. This armor includes many components like a helmet, gloves, chaps, jacket, vest, riding pants, riding suits, spine, and hip protector, etc.

Whether worn externally or internally, built-in, or removable, this armor is extremely necessary while riding bikes, especially in some sort of race or tournament where chances of injury are high. Every piece of equipment of this protective gear has its own importance, which cannot be ignored.
Helmets save you from head and neck injury, which is fatal. Similarly, vests help you prevent shoulder, chest, and spine injury. Chaps give your legs an extra sheet or covering. It can be protective against some sort of disturbance like mud, road rash, wind, rain, injury, and so on.

Leather chaps provide warmth as well. Gloves can save you from abrasions and injuries. In short, this armor is as important as the biker himself. Combine effort of all the components of this protective armor help in saving ones' life by working as a shield against external as well as internal body structures, especially the skin, bones, and joints.
Therefore, This Protective Motorcycle Gear Is Very Crucial While Riding A Bike.

Types of Motorcycle Vests
There are many people who love to ride a bike in the summers, but due to the strong heating effect of leather, they cannot wear protective gear and so feel unsafe because there is a higher risk of accident and getting your spine injured.

Now, what to do? 
A lot of people think of vests as something which is made of leather and is hardcore. This is all because of a lack of knowledge about motorcycle vests. If you want to know what to do in such a situation, give a read to the next few topics and select the type of vest you want, and which is suitable according to circumstances. here are the types mentioned. 

Safety Vest 
This is the best option for a rider who wants visibility. Who wants to be seen at night and in harsh weather to prevent accidents? Bike riders who are fed up with wearing typical black and brown vests end up wearing these colorful vests in bright colors. These vests are specially designed in bright colors that never go unnoticed. They come up with special features like long tails that prevent air from coming through the back area to the pockets, and things remain safe inside. Vests often provide less protection than jackets, but these vests give an option of having a protected body without wearing a jacket. While wearing these vests, you can also use something that gives your back and shoulder area extra protection. One can use a regulator stripped D3O vest. 

It allows full protection of the spine while letting your arms run free. This way, you get an extra layer of protection and will also be safe from the heat and warmth of summers. 

Manufacturers mostly design them in a way that heat is removed constantly from these vests through good vents and can be used in warmer weather. At times, they are also worn by military personnel, mostly for Color and uniformity purposes.

The Textile Vest
In summers, when you just cannot put on a leather vest, textile vests come to the rescue. Textile vests can be easily worn in warm weather. These vests are designed in a way that they are abrasion resistant and have in-built spine protection quality. They have sealed pockets and also comes in different colors for enhanced visibility.

The Off-Road Vest
Off-road riders can make any biker sweat. So, a solution has been thought of by designing vests that can overcome this sweat and keep a biker cool. This thin jersey-like vest has an amazing mechanism of keeping one cool. 
These vests are made up of thin, lightweight material that can be soaked in water and then use the moisture and air circulation to evaporate away from the body heat and can keep you cool for ten to twelve hours easily. And when the vest runs out of its cooling power, re-soak it and utilize it the way you want. 

Under Vest
This light wear vest is designed in a way that it can be worn under other vests for protection and safety purpose without giving a bulky effect to your body. Also, it can combat cold in extremely cold weather.

Motorcycle Vest: Top Features
When thinking of buying a motorcycle vest, one always wants a piece that is affordable, versatile, and has durability. These qualities must be seen while buying it, but there are a few other points that should be kept in mind if you want a motorcycle vest that helps you in the smooth, fine ride. Following are the features to be looked for in a motorcycle vest:

1) Ventilation Options
Ventilation is an important phenomenon that helps you maintain air purity. It helps to preserve O2 content and removes CO2. It controls humidity, helps the home get rid of smoke, cooking odors, moisture, and indoor pollutants.
Structural ventilation is very necessary, and before constructing a building, proper ventilation routes should be planned and build. Else, humidity and nasty air will ruin things in the long run. 
Likewise, In Motorcycle Vests and Jackets, It Is Highly Crucial to Keep Good

Care of Ventilation.
Maximum ventilation should be present. It has many benefits for riders. Like in the middle of the race, a biker that enjoys waterproof, windproof, and warming qualities of the vest in the early morning will benefit from the cooling effect of the same vest in midday when the weather gets hot. 
Perforated leather or textile mesh with a good zip-out liner is one option available. Zippered vents in solid leather or textile are another option to maintain good ventilation. In short, the more the ventilation options, the better the motorcycle vest.

2) Rugged Outer Material
The outside material of the leather vest must be rugged. Rugged means rough in appearance and structure. The benefits of rugged material are that they provide good resistance against wind, air, abrasions, and any other kind of disturbance. This way, the rider will be safe from external hindrances. Whether you prefer leather or any other textile, make sure to keep the outside a little rugged. 

3) Rugged Fasteners and Closures
While on a ride, it is highly tempered, provoking, and distracting when any zip of vest opens up suddenly. Be it the main center zip else any other option will be disturbing. So, while buying a motorcycle vest, keep in mind to buy a good quality vest so that the zips are in the center.
At times, even the best quality zips open up suddenly, so for this purpose, manufacturers add alternative fasteners and closures to the vest so that bikers can use those in times of need. These fasteners and closures can be in any form, like small hooks and handles. 

4) More And More Pockets
Pockets add value to a garment, be it a vest, jacket, pants, or coat. People prefer a garment with more and more pockets. They are used to keep your important stuff. Whether they are used routinely or not, people still prefer a garment with pockets to be utilized in times of need. leather motorcycle vest with gun pockets is also available since decades.

5) Impact Protectors
Adding impact protectors to a vest enhances its value. Protectors at shoulders, elbows, and back turn a motorcycle vest or jacket into personal protective equipment. Protectors work by adding an additional layer of protection into an already good build jacket, and so people prioritize it while buying. It cannot prevent injuries altogether but reduces the effect of grievous injury to a great extent. Anything that adds a little value to life is always worth the investment. 

6) High Visibility
Adding bright colors, including fluorescent colors that enhance visibility for other drivers, is also an excellent option while making a motorcycle vest. It helps the drivers see much clearly in fog and unclear weather. Reflective pipes or stripes that shine in headlights after dark can reduce the risk of accidents to a great extent. 

7) Airbags
This advanced safety technology is designed to help lessen the severity of injuries to the head and chest in severe frontal collisions. Airbags certainly are not the only way to protect yourself from injuries on streets and during races, but they are of great help when worn with other protective gear equipment. 

8) Soft Collar
A short stand-up collar made of soft fleece material that fits closely to seal wind and other environmental disturbances provides comfort and good help to a biker. 
It should not interfere with the helmet worn and should not annoy the biker by being too tight and rough. Otherwise, instead of benefitting from it, the biker sees it as a hindrance in his ride. 

9) Internal or External Storm Flaps
A good storm flap over the main zipper, be it outside or inside the shell, can effectively stop cold and warm air from blowing through the jacket's main zipper. Some external storm flaps may close over the zipper with hook and loop stays, others with snaps or magnets sewn into the fabric. These are very effective in sealing cold air from the outside. Internal storm flaps are mostly built-in and provide good resistance against environmental disturbances. 

10) Zip-Out Liner
A removable zip-out liner can make a motorcycle vest to be used in all seasons. It is not only restricted to winters. Because when the zip-out liner is removed, air can easily go inside, and the vest can be utilized in summers as well as mid-seasons.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Our Motorcycle Leather Vests Safe?
Of course, nothing provides 100 percent safety, but I can ensure that motorcycle body armor provides the maximum protective shield required. Motorcycle leather vests help you prevent injuries to essential structures like the shoulders and spine. 
The spine is very delicate, and its injury can lead to lifelong paralysis. Therefore, along with this vest, a specified spine protector should also be used for extra safety. Many cases have been observed among riders who wear full protective gears that very bad accidents led to only minute bruises among them. The main reason behind those minor injuries was this protective armor. 
Position of Motorcycle Vest
Motorcycle vests are sleeveless and should not hang over your shoulders and around your arms because that would cause hindrance to a smooth ride. They should always stick to the front. In many cases, laces or adjustable chains are there to keep them fixed at their position.
How Thick Should A Leather Motorcycle Vest Be?
For maximum protection, a thickness of 1 to 1.2 mm is quite enough. It can perform its function of protection and resistance effectively at these measures. But still, if one demands to go for an even thicker vest, the resistance to abrasions is much high then. Thicker vests and jackets of 1.4mm are used mainly for racing purposes. 

What Do You Wear Under A Leather Vest?
It varies from individual to individual, depending entirely on choice. For men, they can wear it with jeans. The Color of denim also affects the style. If the Color matches the vest and the shirt you are wearing underneath, then there is a bright chance that you will look good. On your feet, you can wear shoes, sneakers, or any other style of boots you want. You can further complement the style by making good hair and wearing a classy watch. 

How Long Do Motorcycle Vests Last?
This depends on the type of material; if it is made of leather, then which quality of leather fabric has been used. It also depends on usage; how often a thing is used. Whether its use is done with care or used in a rough way, some people make good use of stuff and handle things with utmost care making them last longer, while others are careless and use things in a rough manner reducing their lifespan. All these factors together affect its longevity. The estimated time, however, is 5 to 10 years. It is estimated that a leather vest lasts a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 years. However, the number of years depends upon your usage. It changes depending on the factors mentioned above.

What Is the Best Leather Motorcycle Vest?
The top pick in motorcycle vests for men is SOA Men's Basic Leather Motorcycle Vest. It is known for its comfort and warmth, made up of very good quality leather fabric, and has a lot of pockets for keeping various things. However, it is very costly, and everyone cannot afford it. It is estimated to be around $11k to $12k. For a more budget-friendly option, we consider another option, i.e., ARD CHAMPS Men's Leather 10 Pockets Motorcycle Biker Vest. 

Our Leather Motorcycle Vests Still in Style? 
With its cool and timeless glamour, leather motorcycle vests will never go out of style. One can use it anytime and anywhere and looks trendy. Apart from bikers, it can be used by ordinary people. Just match it with the right pair of shoes, pants, and shirt, and it will give a delicate look. This is an evergreen garment worn by many for decades and has never gone out of style. It serves a dual function by providing one a smart look and acts as a barrier against cold.