Leather Motorcycle Jacket

This Article Presents A Thorough Insight Regarding Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Leather jackets are made from the tanned hide of various animals such as cows, sheep, etc. Leather carved out of different animal skins is used to produce a leather jacket. Traditionally, the leather jacket was a men's garment, but women have also come to like the leather jackets over the years.

Traditionally a leather jacket is worn on top of other clothing such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, etc. Leather Jacket belongs to the category of coats, and the leather jacket has a standard jacket length.

Hence, today we see a wide variety of leather jackets being produced and available in the market for both genders. 

History of the Leather Jacket
The origin of a modern leather jacket is quite spectacular and astonishing. Leather jackets first came onto the scene as part of a military uniform. In the early 1900s, Leather Jackets became part of the uniform of aviators and other military members. Pilots and men on the aircraft used these brown jackets to avoid the extremely cold weather at high altitudes. Then in 1925, the first modern leather jacket known as the type A1 was produced by Chapal.
Bomber Jackets is a type of leather jacket used in World War II. Bomber Jackets are a type of leather jacket that is famous for their ability to keep the person warm in extremely cold weather. Bomber pilots had to face freezing weather conditions; hence the bomber jackets were made part of their uniform to keep them warm at high altitudes.
Russian Bolsheviks also used leather jackets and are considered the first to wear leather jackets in Russia. During the Russian Civil War, quasi-uniform for commissars included leather jackets. Hence, leather jacket is becoming part of military uniforms in the early 20th century.

Why You Need A Leather Motorcycle Jacket
Motorcycles and Leather Jackets Are A Perfect Match. It Has Almost Become an Obligation of Every Motorcycle Ride

Bikers wear leather jackets for multiple reasons. The first of those reasons is safety. We are all aware of the danger and hazardous nature of bike rides, and the riders have no supporting protection metal between them and the rest of the cars on the road. In such a risky situation, there is a strong need for some protected gear.

A leather jacket provides that safety to the bike rider. We are also aware that bike riders are extremely cold. When a bike moves at a speed of 60-80 km/h, it is extremely cold, and the riders cannot bear such sort of cold hitting their body. A ride of 20-30 minutes can freeze the rider's body and make the joints difficult to operate. A leather jacket not only provides safety but also keeps the rider warm in cold areas.   

Keeping the rider warm in cold weather is a prominent feature of the leather jacket. 

However, You Will Not Believe That the Leather Jacket Keeps You Cooler in Hot Weather.

You may first be baffled by what I have said. However, leather motorcycle jackets also assist you in keeping you cool while riding the bike. In warm weather, people wear t-shirts or lightweight clothes to remain cool. However, due to perspiring, all the liquid in the rider's body is utilized, and there is a high risk of dehydration.

Wearing a leather jacket will preserve that sweat, and it will not evaporate so quickly, allowing the rider to stop releasing more sweat. Hence, the rider will stay hydrated, and consequently, the body will remain cooler. 

Moreover, the modern leather jackets also contain "vents" that allow air to pass through and enable the rider to maneuver more freely. Although leather jackets are not waterproof, they keep the rider safe from rain and stormy weather. The jacket allows the rider to keep himself away from rain and keep himself dry while riding in rainy conditions. Lastly, the leather jacket is excellent in combatting wind, enabling the rider to ride safely, avoiding the strong winds. 

To summarize, leather jackets provide safety and keep the riders warm in a cold environment. They possess an amazing ability to tackle winds and stop the rider from dehydration during summers. 

What to Consider While Buying A Leather Jacket
A leather Motorcycle Jacket is a state-of-the-art product that is quite different from everyday garments. Its versatility and complexity are evident. Therefore, when you are looking to invest in a leather jacket of any kind, keep in mind the factors mentioned below:

Riding Style: There are several kinds of riders. Riding style matters a lot when buying and selecting a leather jacket. Some of the famous riding styles are "commuter, weekend warrior, long-haul road trips, track days, off-roading, etc. Leather Jackets differ for each of these styles, considering the safety measures and the specific conditions of each ride.

Price Range: Leather jackets are produced using leather and are expensive. Even a second-hand leather jacket can cost around $100. Hence, you must identify your price range and the conditions in which you are going to be using that leather jacket. Once you have identified the conditions and decided the price range, you will be able to find out the perfect leather jacket for yourself.
Safety Range: New and improved leather jackets have complex designs. Multiple zips, inner and outer pockets, and several other features enhance the rider's safety while riding a motorcycle. The pockets of the leather jackets are strong and spacious, allowing the riders to store armor and other belongings in them. Hence, pockets are a wonderful thing to have on your leather jacket for obvious reasons. 

Styling a Leather Jacket: A leather jacket is a strange garment if you are wearing it for the first time. It suits some and makes them look cool and trendy. On the other hand, it can also completely ruin the style and fashion sense of some. You can look at someone wearing a leather jacket and be extremely impressed by their style; however, when you wear that same jacket yourself, you cannot pull it off. That is the vibe associated with the leather jackets. The leather jacket can embody both the cool and uncool look at the same time. The way to find if you are the one looking cool is to just stop deliberating and put one on. 

Whether you are young or old, whether you follow a diet and are slim, trim, or having a few extra pounds, there is always a leather jacket that is waiting for you to try on. One most important thing to remember is that one thoughtful investment made by you can last a lifetime as leather jackets are durable and long-lasting. Your leather jacket will have the ability to mold itself to suit not only your body but also your personality. You need to keep in mind one rule while figuring out the perfect jacket for you:

You must spend time experimenting with different types of jackets. A huge range of leather jackets is available in the market nowadays, allowing you to try as many as you want. Using the trial-and-error method, you must take yourself out of the comfort zone and try such jackets that you have never tried before. Only then you will be able to find the best jacket for yourself. 

Types of Leather Jacket
Classic Biker: In 1928, the leather legend Schott NYC created the first multiple zipper leather jacket for Harley-Davidson. Its name was Perfecto, named after the founder Irving Schott, who was the founder of Schott. The jacket had a cropped belted body, multiple diagonal zips, notch lapels, four pockets, epaulettes, etc. You can find the same type of jacket in the market today with the same features. 

Café Racer: Café Racer leather jacket is another excellent option that is more casual and comfortable and not so hardcore biker jacket. The café racer leather jacket has a very interesting story behind its fame. The returning soldiers of World War II used to race each other between pubs and cafes wearing a jacket similar to this one. It is made of pure leather and has a stripped-back take. 

Aviator/Bomber Jacket: As stated earlier, leather jackets are versatile. The leather jackets you see today have uncountable designs and features. Another famous and heavily used leather jacket is known as the Bomber Jacket. A bomber jacket was firstly made part of military uniforms at the start of the 20th century. Due to having an ability to keep the person warm in extremely cold weather, the bomber jacket was used by pilots and aviators when they went on flying at very high altitudes. Today, this jacket is more accepting and can be worn comfortably by any individual. The best feature of this jacket is that it works with almost any kind of garment and compliments almost every color and style of shirt and 
There are two types of bomber jackets: the bomber jacket and the aviator jacket. The bomber jacket possesses features around, knitted collar. On the other hand, an aviator leather jacket boasts one with sheepskin lining, which can be buckled up for added cozy vibes. 

Leather Field Jacket: A leather field jacket is also known as the British Motorcycle Jacket that was first used in the early years of the 20th century by young men who would bomb each other's country piles. This particular jacket has a refined functional design. The jacket has four front pockets, including a chest pocket. Zip closure and a press-stud add to the features of this masterpiece. The leather field jacket is different from other leather jackets. Its versatility lies in the fact that it can work with any type of clothing. It would look perfect with a casual pair of jeans but will also complement a formal suit. Hence, the leather field jacket, also known as the original British motorcycle jacket, is known for its resourcefulness. 

A Faux Leather Jacket?
A real high-quality leather jacket costs a hefty amount that a middle-class man or woman would not dare to spend. A leather jacket is more for those who dare to change their style and try out new fashion choices. Middle-class men and women who have families to feed do not dare to invest in luxuries such as a leather jacket.

Market has some cheaper alternatives in such a peculiar situation that gives a leather jacket's feeling but is not the real deal. Faux is a material that is used to produce look-a-like of original leather jackets. However, Faux jackets are not worth investing in. One leather jacket can last a lifetime if it is original and taken care of. A Faux jacket will last not more than a year.

Hence, if you do not have the money to afford a leather jacket at this time, wait and wait as much as you can but invest in the quality and originality of the leather jacket, not in the fallacious products that offer nothing of substance. The chief operating officer at Schott NYC, Jason Schott, says that a real leather jacket can last as long as a customer wants it to and with minimal care too. 
"If You Get the Right Leather Jacket, You Shouldn't Have to Do Anything to It for Months If Not Years Besides Wear It,"
he spoke.
"As Long as It Doesn't Dry Out It Should Get Better with Time."
According to Jason, the only thing causing slight issues to a leather jacket's durability is waterproofing. Light shade leather jackets can be damaged due to excessive water touching them. If the jacket gets soaked in water, all you need to do is apply a neutral conditioner after dried it. "If it's a soft leather be careful not to overstretch it by keeping it on a hanger for too long," he says. "And most importantly, wear it often."

How to Clean and Care for Your Leather Jacket
Throughout this article, you must have had the idea that a leather jacket is a complex product designed in such a specific way that it can last a whole lifetime. Its complexity allows a wide variety of benefits to its users. 
On the other hand, the leather jacket also needs special care that you may not give to everyday garments. Its complex design and pure material require care that can allow it to last a long time. The most important aspect of taking care of a leather jacket is its conditioning. The cowhide leather used to make leather jackets can dry out and lose its color and vibe over time.
The threats that are keeping the jacket together can also lose their shape and become rotten. Therefore, you need to care for your jacket and spend some money on it to keep it in the best shape possible. Remember! If you care for your jacket, it will care for you.

Steps for Cleaning Your Jacket:
  • Hang your jacket on a normal hanger and put it on a shower curtain rod, a water-friendly place.
  • Warm the water and put a few drops of dishwashing soap. Now using the microfiber towel, wipe on the outer shell of your leather jacket gently. Make sure your towel is clean and rinsed with clean water, so the leather is not being stained by the towel.
  • Now, as the jacket is already cleaned, you need to dry it in a well-ventilated place. Using artificial heat can cause extreme damage to the leather to the point that the leather can crack. 
  • Wait for the jacket to dry completely, and then use a conditioner to massage the leather jacket gently. The quality of the conditioner is important and must be taken into consideration.
  • The jacket will absorb the conditioner in a short amount of time. After that, you need to take a clean, soft, dry piece of cloth and wipe the jacket gently.

In conclusion, A leather jacket is one-of-a-kind garments that you must invest in once in a lifetime. Its complex nature brilliant features will compliment not only your look but your personality as well. Whether you are a rider or a fashion enthusiast or a middle-aged man or women, the variety offered by leather jackets is for all. Make sure you try out as many designs, and types of leather jackets are you can. Remember! The more you try, the more you learn about the jacket and your style as well. Try from a wide range of options and find the one that is perfect for you. Invest in a leather jacket now, and you will get your money's worth.