How To Pair a Leather Blazer With Everything You Own

How To Pair a Leather Blazer With Everything You Own
A leather blazer is an essential wardrobe piece that can be worn with everything you own. It comes in handy for days when you're unsure how to put together an outfit, and it's especially handy for days when you're unsure how to put together an outfit that works. In the spirit of a well-rounded fashion education, here's a guide to wearing your leather blazer with everything you own—even some things you don't own yet.

-First of all, let's talk about what kind of leather you want to buy. There are plenty of options out there: lamb skin is nice and soft, cowhide is durable but still lightweight, and horsehide is thick and sturdy, suitable for riding up on your motorcycle.

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Once you have your leather jacket, here's how to pair it with everything you own.

Evergreen Leather Blazer Pairing
The simplest way to wear a leather blazer is over a tee, jeans, and sneakers or boots. The edgy vibe of the jacket makes it easy to pull off this look as an alternative to your typical hoodie/tee/joggers combo. It's also one of the easiest ways to take boisterous prints like plaids and florals and make them wearable. This look pairs particularly well with your most worn tees and comfy sweatshirts—the ones that have seen the inside of your closet more than most people see their bedrooms.

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Paring with Casual Outfits
Leather blazers are an investment piece. They're not cheap, but they can match a ton of things and be worn for years to come. Unlike other jackets and coats, the leather ones can blend in with casual outfits, or dress up your office wear. Here are some ways to approach them:
  • The classic way: Match with a nice shirt and slacks for the office, then add jeans and a top afterward
  • A more upscale approach: Wear it with slacks, a scarf, and overcoat for work, then remove the coat for Saturday mornings and brunch with friends in nicer clothes
  • For guys who wear shorts sometimes: Wear it with just a shirt or polo shirt to the beach
  • For those who like rocker or punk styles: Wear it over ripped jeans and a plaid shirt

In a neutral outfit
You can wear a leather jacket over just about anything, from denim, to a party dress, and sweats. If you're wearing something that's pretty neutral in tone but maybe has a strong texture, like a sweater or woven skirt, try pairing it with a bright and eye-catching leather jacket for an extra punch of color. This outfit is definitely getting noticed.

Pairing with bottom half, shirt, or t-shirt
A leather jacket can look great over a white t-shirt or shirt of any other color. You can also wear a leather jacket with just about any bottom half. Jeans are an obvious choice, but your leather jacket can also look great with chinos and pretty much any kind of skirt as well.

The first thing you need to know is this: when it comes to pairing your leather jacket with other pieces of clothing, there's no wrong way to do it. The key is having it look intentional, like it was an intentional choice on your part. So experiment. Try different stuff out. You won't know what works best until you try it out for yourself.