How to Identify Genuine Leather Biker Jackets?

How to Identify Genuine Leather Biker Jackets?

The biker jacket was designed originally to keep motorcyclists safe and protected while riding bikes. Later, it became a fashion phenomenon and it was quickly found that this jacket can add and effortless cool style to almost any look. How can you identify genuine leather biker jackets? Here are some effective tips that will help you.

Check the touch and feel

You can always get a slightly warm and smooth feeling with real leather of good quality. In case you sense a slightly more plastic and smooth feel, it might be faux-leather that you are looking at. If you wish to compare them, it is important to check out esteemed apparel stores such as the Glory Store. These eminent stores have various kinds of leather jackets in synthetic as well as genuine leather, and that way - you can compare both types with each other easily.

Check the texture pattern

Fake leather or faux leather is synthesized chemically and machine made. It has an asymmetrical texture pattern. Genuine leather, on the other hand, has an uneven and unique texture pattern with some variations in a single piece. It would appear full of grains and distressed because it is composed of natural products. Before buying, you should always properly check the pattern. Genuine leather jacket has the kind of texture that can make you look really menacing.

Look at the edges

If you have used any genuine leather product before, it can be easier for you to recognize it from its edges. These always come with coarse edges - which are rough and round. Synthetic or faux biker leather jacket edges look perfect and smooth. Although some genuine leather biker jackets manufacturers try to make the edges smooth, it is still possible to identify real leather jackets.

Bend the leather

When you bend genuine leather, you can see variation in pores and colors. As compared to genuine leather, faux leather has less elasticity. It is more regular in form and wrinkles develop easily on its surface. Synthetic leather can also stretch and break whereas genuine leather never breaks.

Smell the leather

The smile of the fabric can also indicate whether or not the leather is genuine. Genuine leather smells organic and natural whereas faux leather smells like plastic or chemicals. Due to the addictive and attractive smell, genuine leather is loved by most people out there. You can check out genuine leather biker jackets from reputed stores, after which it can be easy for you to

recognize the smell of real leather at any time throughout your life. The smell is that unique!

Ultimately, it can safely be said that you have to check all the details properly, in order to buy the best genuine leather biker jackets for yourself. It is important to strike the right balance between too little and too much detailing. You should simply go for a classic design which would look good even many years from now and can be handed over to successive generations with a lot of pride.