How to Clean a Mens suede trucker jacket?

How to Clean a Mens suede trucker jacket?
Since the 1990s, mens suede trucker jacket have been quite popular due to its smoothness and lightness. Here are some tips that will help you to take care of, and clean, your jacket purchased from the Glory Store in a proper way.

Use a Suede Brush
With this kind of a brush that is designed and created to be used on suede fabric cleaning, you can loosen dust and dirt from the surface of your suede jacket and make the fabric look clean and fresh.

A suede brush is very important for proper care of suede fabric. You can also use this kind of brush for cleaning of your suede shoes. Do not brush too aggressively or the surface might get damaged. The fine nap fibers are quite delicate and if you scrub with a lot of force, these can get damaged.

Use a Suede Eraser
While a suede brush is good enough for light cleaning jobs, you will need to use a suede eraser for stains or for tougher dirt spots.

You can use it in the same manner as a pencil eraser and then, to finish off the job use a suede brush as a follow up.

Use a Suede Protector
It is better to prevent than cure. This is exactly the reason why you can find a bottle of protector spray to be very useful when it comes to battling dirt on your mens suede trucker jacket. It can prevent the worst kind of damages from water and dirt and keep your jacket fabric looking newer and cleaner for more time. You can use suede protection spray to eliminate undesired stains or dirt.

Suede is a porous and permeable material and can absorb water quite fast. This makes many people wonder how they can keep their jacket fabric safe. It is best if you avoid wearing this kind of jacket if it is raining a lot outside. If it gets too much soaked up, hang it outside for a long time.

As compared to leather jackets, these are much more permeable - which makes them less waterproof and more stain-prone. That is why, it is important to wear these only for special occasions.

Use stain remover and alcohol
For stains, you can use a stain remover and alcohol. Always try to clean your mens suede trucker jacket when it is dry and when it is damp never use any cleaning method. Try to clean up your suede jacket both before as well as after wearing it.

A jacket made of leather can be worn each and every day and can last for a lifetime but a mens suede trucker jacket of very good quality is actually a luxury outfit that is meant to be sported only on special events and occasions.

Those that are average in quality and cheap in price are of course meant for general and more regular use and you cannot expect them to last for very long. Try to wear this kind of jacket sparingly, so that you do not have to clean it too often.