How to Clean A Leather Jacket?

How to Clean A Leather Jacket?
Everyone wishes to have a leather jacket in their wardrobe but, these jackets are expensive. If you want your jackets keep looking new and classy for longer period, then read the article below.
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You Must Understand How To Clean It.

Ways to Clean.
There are many ways to clean a leather jacket, and we will discuss a few that work well if you follow the instructions.

Using A Detergent Solution Procedure Is Very Simple.
  • Take a liquid detergent and dissolve some of it in some mildly warm water. Make sure you do not add too much detergent as it can damage the leather.
  • Next, dip a towel, cloth, or sponge in the solution and squeeze it to eliminate the excess water.
  • Use this sponge to gently wipe your jacket. Ensure that you are gentle, and the sponge or cloth is soft to avoid getting scratches on the leather.
  • Then, take a clean sponge and dip it in clean water and then wipe this sponge similarly across your jacket.
  • Lastly, use a dry cloth or towel and gently pat the jacket to dry.

Using Rubbing Alcohol
If you see mold or a tough stain on your leather jacket, using rubbing alcohol will prove to be very effective. 

  • Mix equal amounts of rubbing alcohol and water in a container.
  • Take a soft cloth and dip it in the solution.
  • Use this damped cloth and wipe your jacket gently in place you see the stains or mold.
  • Once they are gone, dip a soft cloth in clean water and wipe off the rubbing alcohol.
Using Toothpaste
If the stains on your jacket are too stubborn or prominent, you can also use toothpaste to get rid of them.

  • Take a tube of toothpaste (make sure it is not a gel one).
  • Extract a small amount and smear it on the stain with the help of your finger.
  • Wipe it off with a damp cloth once it dries down.
  • Ensure that you do not scrub off the toothpaste instead of gently wiping it away as it can damage your jacket.

Using Nail Paint Remover
The best way to remove ink stains and scuffs is to use nail polish remover. 

  • Take a high-quality nail paint remover and dip a cotton swab in it.
  • Dab the cotton swab on the affected area gently and keep dabbing until the stain vanishes.
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe off the remover, and then pat the area dry with a towel.
  • Make sure you do not rub the cotton swab as it can spread the ink or affect the color of the leather.

Using A Leather Cleaner
These are specially designed solutions for cleaning leather jackets and keeping them shiny and as good as new.

  • Take a small amount of leather cleaner on a clean, dry cloth and gently wipe your jacket.
  • These cleaners often contain oils, so make sure to start with a little and then take more if required.

Tips and Tricks
  • Always read your jacket's label so you know what kind of leather has been used and even may see instructions on how to clean it.
  • Use leather conditioners once in a while as they keep the leather of your jacket shiny, clean, and soft to avoid cracking.
  • Always securely store your jacket. 
  • It is advisable not to dry your jackets under the sun, as it may cause discoloration in some cases.
  • Do not use soda or strong detergents and consult a professional for tough stains.
  • Spray your leather jacket with a waterproofing gent once in a while to avoid damage caused by rain.

A leather jacket is something that never goes out of fashion. It can be used to upgrade any outfit. Cleaning and conditioning it properly will help to keep it healthy and retain its quality. Therefore, above tips will prove to be fruitful and will help in increasing lifespan of your jacket..