Genuine leather Bomber jacket - How to recognize the best ones out there?

Genuine leather Bomber jacket - How to recognize the best ones out there?
Leather Bomber jackets are one of those outfits that can make you stylish and fashionable without much of an effort. These bring back to mind the flight jackets of earlier times - that were sported by the likes of Tom Cruise. If you are thinking of getting a genuine leather Bomber jacket for yourself, the question is - how to recognize the best ones out there? You can of course get only genuine quality leather bomber jackets from reputed online stores, such as the Glory Store. Here are some of the tips for you to recognize the authentic ones out there.

Check the texture
You need to press the texture of the leather jacket. The texture would appear to be pulled and wrinkled if it is authentic. However, if it is a fake one, under the pressure of your fingers there will be no difference to the texture.

You should try to feel the texture and check the leather before making a purchase. While you test the authenticity of your leather jacket, small imperfections such as scratches or creases can be regarded as good signals.
You should try to pull the leather. If you can see extremely fine holes – those are the hair follicles on synthetic leather, and you can understand that these are created artificially. You can find them disappearing upon pulling. Genuine leather should always feel smooth and soft just as a skin whereas you can feel a solid touch and hard feel with fake leather.

Try to smell the fabric
Keep in mind that genuine leather does not have a plastic like smell or an odor similar to that of chemicals, unlike what it is in case of fake leather. You can get more of a swanky and natural touch with a jacket made of genuine leather.

Check the level of absorbency
Genuine leather is able to absorb water easily, whereas jackets made of fake leather are unable to absorb it and you can find water droplets pulling on the surface of the fabric. However, at times, some manufacturers coat genuine leather to make them slightly waterproof.

Bend the leather
Just like the wrinkle test, you should also try to bend the leather - given that there is a unique elasticity in real leather whereas the tone might be changed if it is bent. Upon bending fake leather, it can stay regular and rigid. That is one of the most definite ways to spot faux leather jackets.

Check the edges of the fabric
While trying to buy genuine leather product of any kind you can find it out from the edges. Genuine leather has coarse edges - which are round and rough. Synthetic or fake leather edges looks smooth and perfect.
There are plenty of options that are available on the market, and it is important that you have the ability to differentiate between genuine and faux leather bomber jackets. Follow the tips aforementioned, and it can be much easier for you to differentiate one from the other.