Genuine Bomber Jackets For Men - What are the top things to look for?

Genuine Bomber Jackets For Men - What are the top things to look for?
A Bomber jacket is actually a military flight jacket that came into fashion during the First World War, when there was a need for pilots to stay warm while flying at a high altitude. It can be perfect for pilots who need a durable outerwear. Over a period of time, this outfit was adopted by civilians and today - it has become a regular men’s fashion item. Bomber jackets come in various kinds of fabrics, such as polyester, nylon and wool, although traditionally these are composed of leather. These are typically characterized by a defined neckline, front zip closure, ribbed cuffs and hem etc.

Through the years, the Bomber style jacket has witnessed a lot of variations, although these have changed a lot in the present days and times. Today, authentic Bomber jackets for men are available in eminent online stores such as the Glory Store, in an extensive range of colors, fits and styles. Find out about the top things that you need to look for while trying to buy genuine Bomber jackets for men.

Look at the fit
Make sure that it comes with the right fit for your body. In order to do so, choose a style that can comfortably sit on your shoulders and has a slim body and fitted arms. Traditionally, Bomber jackets were oversized. But the ones that can be found today are more form-fitting and have only enough space for one or two layers of clothing underneath.

You should also check the sleeves and the length of the jacket. A Bomber jacket really needs to finish at your pant’s waist band whereas the sleeves must finish at the wrist bones - immediately before the palms.

Look for proper colors
The color and style of your Bomber jacket needs to match your outfit. Make sure that you choose your Bomber jacket in a type of color that can match most of the outfits that you wear regularly, during the fall, winter and spring seasons. You can make this jacket a statement piece when you pair it with simple garments in neutral colors.

Look for a classic style
Classic style Bomber jackets can be paired with most kind of apparels and outfits out there. If you want to wear your jacket to a smart casual occasion, go for a classic style and pair it with a colored shirt, trousers or chinos. If you want to get a cool casual look, you can pair it with a pair of sneakers and chinos or jeans and a t-shirt.

If you want to get an edgy appearance, you can try out a black leather Bomber jacket. For a unique, stylish appearance, go for a brown colored suede Bomber jacket.

If your Bomber jacket is slightly loose fitting, you can wear a hoodie under it. Slim cut Bomber jackets are great in appearance but by putting too many layers beneath, you can look stuffed and fat. You need to keep this in mind while dressing up in your Bomber jacket.