Does Women’s Bomber Jacket Make Women Look Masculine?

Does Women’s Bomber Jacket Make Women Look Masculine?
Bomber jackets, also known as Aviator jackets or flight jackets, have long been a male outfit for the most part. Since the 1970s, however, women began to wear this kind of jacket too and started to sport them in style. It is possible to find Bomber jackets being sported by everyone today - from the average Jane on the street to celebrities and showbiz personalities.

However, at least some women feel that Bomber jackets for women make females look masculine. Is there some truth in it? Read on and find out.

Available in various colors
While classic black leather jacket might be, and we repeat it - just might be, regarded as slightly masculine for women, Bomber leather jackets on the whole can be regarded as suitable for women just like for men.

Times have changed a lot since the time when Bomber jackets first came into fashion. It is possible to find these in a wide variety of colors today and many designers and manufacturers are continuously churning out leather Bomber jackets in various feminine colors such as pink, purple and many other hues such as red, green etc.

Available for different occasions
It is possible for women to find these appropriate for most any kind of occasion - whether for casual or formal events. It must be understood that Bomber jackets can be used in almost all seasons today, given that there are air vents in these jackets - which make them breathable and comfortable even during the hotter times of the year.

Whether it comes to summer parties or for a night out with friends, for a visit to the nightclub, just for a drink at the local pub or even for going out with a romantic interest, good Bomber jackets can be found at reputed online stores - such as the Glory Store, in different varieties, designs, colors and shapes to fit the needs of women. These come readymade in absolutely feminine designs and various symbols and motifs can also be added to these to make them absolutely appropriate for women.

Can be paired with many feminine outfits
It is possible to pair these kinds of jackets with a wide range of permanent outfits including dresses, skirts, sweatpants, trousers, denim jeans, denim shorts and so on.

Whether it comes to sneakers or heels or Converse shoes or stilettos, Bomber jackets can look equally good with any type of female footwear.

Top choice for celeb women
One other reason why Bomber leather jackets are considered to be less masculine today is due to the fact that many celebrity women can also be found to wear them - almost every day.

You can find Showbiz and celebrity women posting their photos in Bomber jackets of different colors on social networking websites such as Instagram and Pinterest, day in and day out. It can be regarded as a sign of young and rebellious women in some ways. This is another important reason why Bomber jackets are not an outfit only in the male domain anymore. Clearly, it can be a good choice for the wardrobe of women.